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July, 2011

MOMO LED Daytime Running Lights
Seeing well is important, but being visible is equally so.
Even in broad daylight, driving conditions can be such that sudden changes in ambient light levels render your vehicle less visible to oncoming traffic or pedestrians: for example, on heavily shaded roads or a tunnel entry following a curve.
For this reason, MOMO is introducing a complete range of daytime driving lights, based on LED technology.
MOMO’s LED technology guarantees maximum daytime visibility without having to use headlights, thereby prolonging their effective life and reducing the vehicle’s energy usage.

A certified product is a safe product.
That’s why the entire MOMO range of LED and halogen lights meet the strict ECE R37 and ECE R87 standards.
Because it’s our belief that technology should seek to contribute to a better environment, we didn’t stop there: MOMO LED light are also RoHS compliant, the standard which distinguishes products that are most environmentally friendly.
MOMO’s LED technology guarantees reduced energy consumption combined with extraordinary performance.
MOMO’s LED lights are waterproof and their dedicated electronic control unit (included with the High Power LED model and optional for others) automatically reduces their power usage when headlights are switched on obtain the best balance between aesthetics and performance.
The MOMO LED light range is now in stock and available for immediate shipping.  MSRP for the kits start at $100.
MOMO ONE Shift Knob
The ONE from MOMO is a return to its roots with a satin-finish aluminum shift knob. The top of the knob has 6 chrome, set-screws to mimic the look of the pattern of the MOMO steering wheel mount. The MOMO logos are screened in black.  MSRP is $65.00.  The ONE is available for immediate shipping.
MOMO Storm.G2
Storm G.2 22 x 9.5 matte black
One of the most iconic designs in MOMO’s history gets a reboot for 2011.  Available as a 22 x 9.5 in matte black only, the G.2 continues to set trends.

Available for the following vehicles:

Chevy/GMC/Cadillac 6:139.7
Ford/Lincoln 6:135
Toyota/Lexus 5:150
Range Rover 5:120
Nissan/Infiniti 6:139.7
Range Rover Sport with 22 x 9.5 Storm G.2 in matte Black
The King Satin Shift Knobs are in stock and available at an extremely affordable price.  Get great MOMO styling into your car today!
For more information and pricing contact JRP at 905 822 7223 ext 225

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