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  • StopTech: FAQ (part 1)

    Who is StopTech? StopTech was founded in March of 1999 as a brake technology company. The founding partners come from backgrounds in racing, engineering and manufacturing, including racecar design and fabrication, brake component manufacturing and performance aftermarket distribution. StopTech has filed...
    Posted to New Products by Stop Tech on 25 Apr 2011
    Filed under: big brake, FAQ, Brakes, caliper, Rotor
  • FAQ About Odyssey Batteries

    Q. What is the CCA rating? The cold cranking ampere (CCA) rating refers to the number of amperes a battery can support for 30 seconds at a temperature of 0°F until the battery voltage drops to 1.20 volts per cell, or 7.20 volts for a 12V battery. Thus, a 12V battery that carries a rating of 600 CCA...
    Posted to New Products by Odyssey on 17 Mar 2011
    Filed under: FAQ, Odyssey, Battery, lead

    Motor Oil FAQs: Are Royal Purple lubricants compatible with other motor oils? Yes. Royal Purple lubricants are fully compatible with mineral or synthetic oils. No special procedures are necessary when switching to Royal Purple. Can I put Royal Purple into my brand new car? Yes. Royal Purple currently...
    Posted to New Products by Royal Purple on 3 Jan 2011
    Filed under: Royal Purple, FAQ
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