The incredible number of victories and World titles of OZ History represent the essence of excellence and the most reliable evidence of the quality and performance of OZ products.OZ is chosen by drivers and teams thanks to its ability to develop cutting-edge projects and high performance wheels where technology, quality and safety are expressed to the maximum levels. The same sentiment is expressed by enthusiast nationwide and OZ has a consumer lineup of wheels that will impress the most discerning tastes. OZ racing has grandfathered the multi-spoke wheel since its conception in F1 racing. A simple look at their 2018 catalogue shows how the brand stays true to its roots but is not afraid to dwell in the modern aesthetic language we see today. Simply put, the design is timeless and OZ recognizes how well this design transitions to road going vehicles. Now in 2018 they further expand their portfolio offering the HLT lineup of wheels to more SUV’s.

One notable Wheel in the new lineup is the HyperXT HLT. It’s now offered from 19” to 22” sizes in a variety of bolt patterns and offsets. The wide spectrum of sizes is wonderful but can we speak about the design for a moment. The HyperXT HLT is the improved version of the HyperGT with its added rigidity and lightness, improving rotational mass and enhancing performance. But with the HyperXT HLT, the devil is in the details. The rose marks seeping from the bores are reminiscent of LMP1 race cars. Add to this the slight indentations on the spokes and the sleek triangulated stem on the spokes and you get a subtle depth to the wheel that is attractive but not overly aggressive. Something that can complement the body lines of any European or Italian car.

All these cues vastly differentiate the wheel from its predecessors and all while increasing stiffness, preventing camber loss and maximizing corner speed. So why not own a piece of motorsports history! This wheel can be an elegant addition to any Jaguar, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen or Ford vehicle.