In the fashion industry past styles get revisited time and time again. The automotive sector is no different but while some manufacturers copy, Vossen reinvigorates styles through a modern lens. The aptly named ERA wheels is a perfect example of this. The ERA series of wheels is slated for release this summer in 18 to 24 inch sizes. These are fully forged 3 piece wheels manufactured in Vossen’s in-house facility. These wheels are fully forged and machined out of T6 aluminum using Vossen’s proprietary 8 step machining process to ensure a lightweight wheel with the highest structural rigidity. Vossen now also offers 2 options in wheel hardware, allowing customers to choose between stainless and titanium wheel bolts. These pieces can also be treated to any Vossen custom finish, again giving customers 48 color and texture options. The wheels are also offered with the billet Vossen center cap or customers have the option of having the OEM center cap, allowing them to place the factory cap on the wheel.

The designs for the ERA series are inspired from classic wheel designs like the Alpina wheels and ATS classics. Although they borrow minor design cues from their older counterparts they reinvent the look through Vossen’s signature sharp contemporary aesthetic. Vossen adds a new layer of depth and concavity to the wheels with the help of a polished dish. With its sharp filleted edges and nostalgic styling it’s easy to see how these clean filleted lines could compliment the design language of manufacturers like Porsche, Lexus, Acura, Audi and BMW.