SFWD ramps up for 2018

Within the many classes of NHRA drag racing, one in particular remains very near and dear to our hearts, the SFWD class. Back in 1995 the founders of JRP would organize Import Drag events at Toronto Motorsports Park as well as other venues in order to rally the community and pit exceptionally fast Honda’s against all sorts of competition. Fast forward to today and you might have noticed the sport has gained popularity and notoriety. If you check ¼ mile times of the last few SFWD events you might notice these front wheel drive monsters are clocking 8 second passes at over 180mph. This is quite a feat for cars with glass windshields, 2.0L motors, and full interiors. Nevertheless these vehicles still embody that 90’s nostalgia the cars are famous for and they don’t disappoint in terms of entertainment and excitement.

JRP is proud to sponsor our very own Eric G. for the 2018 season. With competition continuously ramping and teams growing with bigger budgets and resources, we hope to Eric and the team at Splitfire Performance will inch forward to top ten positions. This year’s boasts some interesting new changes to the car. The interior was upgraded and the addition of a pearlescent purple roll cage add quite the flare. In the engine bay, a partnership with KLM Fabrication demonstrates some interesting gains for the coming season. We hope to see the team produce some great results this year and we hope you will tune into the next Hday event for all the excitement.