DSC Sport

JRP is proud to be the Canadian Distributor for DSC Sport. We initially looked into DSC Sport in a large part due to technical curiosity and the support for a number of our Staff vehicles, and then on review couldn’t let pass the opportunity to work with the great team at DSC Sport to bring these phenomenal products to our Canadian customers via JRP’s extensive distribution channels.

The installation on our 997.2 GT3 could not have been easier, taking all of 5 minutes, and provided an immediate and noticeable improvement to the vehicle’s factory PASM suspension. JRP will be providing real world track tests through-out the 2019 Season on a variety of vehicles during our Speed Therapy Track Days. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, don’t wait, get yours now.

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What is a DSC Module?

DSC (Dynamic Suspension Control) module is an active electronic controller for electro-mechanically shocks. The DSC module controls the shocks in an active manner, meaning the commands sent to the shocks are based on input and a predictive algorithm developed using over a decade of pro race car data.

While DSC is very much a high performance focused product for both street and track, in many cases DSC will produce a more comfortable ride over bumps through superior shock damping control to either eliminate or greatly reduce spring oscillation. The increased comfort does not only apply to driving over bumps on public roads it makes track/race cars more stable especially driving over race track curbing.

There are two lines of DSC modules, they are “Plug & Play” and “Standalone”. The DSC Plug & Play module directly replaces the factory PASM module on cars equipped with PASM to gain a much wider range of control over the factory PASM shocks, Bilstein Damptronic shocks, and Tractive DDA shocks. Standalone line is for retrofitting non-PASM cars.

For the Porsche 997.1 cars, including the 997.1 GT3, a 3-axis accelerometer (aka Yaw sensor) is required because the factory accelerometer is only 2-axis. In order to achieve fully dynamic chassis 3-axis (lateral, longitudinal, and vertical axis) input is required.

Welcome to the Future

Imagine a suspension system that knows when you are turning, braking, accelerating, or cruising and adjusts accordingly in real time. Imagine the possibilities of being able to tune that suspension down to milliseconds based on weight transfer dynamics and vehicle inputs. And all it requires is a simple Plug N Play controller. No more clicks. No knobs. No compromise.

DSC Sport offers Plug N Play factory replacement controllers that provide CAN-integrated dynamic suspension control with unlimited tuning capability via the DSC Sport Tuning Software. The controller gathers various input data from the vehicle and sends a signal to each individual damper to optimize damping rate in real time.

The result, is a suspension setup that provides more grip to the tire, greater stability and ride control, and increased comfort for all driving styles and road conditions. Dedicated Performance. Daily comfort.

Core tuning parameters:
• G Force
• Brake Pressure
• Speed
• Acceleration (Throttle Position)
• Steering Angle
• Shock Calibration

V2 Controller

The DSC Sport V2 Controller is a state-of-the-art user definable suspension controller that fully interfaces with the factory dash display and controls. In addition to DSC Sport’s core inputs, the V2 Controller features various auxiliary inputs and tuning functions including velocity calculations, allowing users to tune by shock piston velocity.

Digitally tune the chassis just as you would the engine! Tune more grip into the tire, while tuning a more compliant ride for the street. The DSC Sport V2 Controller is equally at home as a daily driver or full-time track setup upgrade.

V2 tuning parameters

• G-Force
• Brake Pressure
• Speed
• Acceleration (Throttle Position)
• Steering Angle

• Shock Calibration
• Velocity
• PTM (C7 models)
• Launch Control (applicable vehicles)
• Wi-Fi Compatibility (applicable vehicles)

Applications: Porsche 981/991, Corvette C7, Mustang GT350

V1 Controller

Replacing the factory shock controller, the DSC Sport V1 Plug N Play controller is a state-of-the-art user definable suspension controller, featuring brake pressure, g-force, acceleration, speed (mph), and full individual shock calibration tables.

Digitally tune the chassis just as you would the engine! Tune more grip into the tire, while also tuning a more compliant ride for street. The DSC Sport controller is equally at home as a daily driver or full-time track setup modification!

V1 tuning parameters

• G-Force
• Brake Pressure
• Acceleration
• Speed (mph)

• Steering
• Shock Calibration
• Launch Control (applicable vehicles)

Applications: Porsche 997/987, Nissan GT-R (R35)

Stand Alone Kit

Have a car without active suspension?

DSC Sport offers a complete Stand Alone Kit for vehicles that do not come from the factory with active suspension. The kit provides a wiring harness with all necessary wiring for gathering CAN data and a DSC Sport controller for use with the wiring harness. Learn more about our Stand Alone Kit, and see if it’s available for your vehicle.

For more information on the Stand Alone Kits:

DSC Sport Stand Alone Controller

Don’t have PASM? With the DSC Sport Stand Alone Controller, Wiring Harness, and a set of electronic dampers, you can have the finest active suspension setup on the market. Our wiring harness runs to all four corners of the car and provides you with the necessary wiring to install our Stand Alone DSC controller. After establishing connection with the CAN line, the DSC Sport Stand Alone Kit functions the same as the DSC Sport Plug N Play V1, utilizing the same tuning strategies.

The Stand Alone Kit does require the installation of electronic dampers. All Bilstein variants are compatible with DSC Sport for an OEM-like driving experience. However, DSC Sport also offers Tractive Suspension, the finest quality in active damping technology, for the 996, 997, 987, 991, and 981 model ranges. Together, Tractive DDA dampers and the DSC Sport Stand Alone Kit will transform your vehicle into a top contender on the track, while also improving street comfort for daily driving!

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