Premium Brands Available for Porsche

Porsche Premium Performance Parts

JRP is the proud Canadian distributor for a wide range of premium Aftermarkets Parts for Porsche Vehicles. Whether you are an avid street enthusiast, DE Driver, Amateur or Professional Race Driver; with over 25 years in the industry, JRP has a solution to fit your requirements.
AerocatchHood and Panel Latches, Locking solutions
AFEPanel Filters, Intake Systems, Exhaust
AIMData Acquisition, Power Distribution Systems and Display dashs
APRTuning for late model Porsches
ARPStud kits, Engine Hardware, Wheels Studs
ATICrank Pulleys, Harmonic Balancers
BBSForged and Cast Street Wheels, Track Wheels, Hardware
BBIRoll Bars, Accessories
Big MikesLicense Plate Relocation
BilsteinShocks, Struts, Coilovers and Racing Suspensions
BMCReplacement and Motorsports Air Filters
Borg WarnerTurbo replacements and Upgrades
BorlaStainless Steel Exhausts
BremboPerformance and Racing Brakes
Brey KrauseSeat Mounts, Harness Bars & Mounts, Extinguisher Mounts, Safety Accessories
CarilloCarillo Connecting Rods
CentricPremium replacement and OE Brake Components. Big Brake Kits
CobbPremium Plug and Play Tuner Programmers, Panel Filters
CSFRadiators and Coolers, Intercoolers and Associated Parts
DSCProgrammable and Active Suspension Controllers
ForgelineCustom Forged Street and Race Wheels
Girodisc2pc Brake Rotor conversions, CBBC to Iron Rotor Conversions, Brake Pads
GMG RacingRoll Cages, Harness mounts, Exhaust Upgrades
HANSHead and Neck Safety
HawkStreet & Race Brake Pads, Including new applications for GT3
HellaHorns, Lighting, replacement parts
HolingerHolinger Racing Transmissions and Gears
HJC HelmetsDE, Track Day, and Race Helmets and Accessories
HP Tuners991 GT3 and GT RS Tuning. Track Master Lap Timing App.
HREPremium street and track day wheels
H&RGerman made Springs, Suspension Kits
IntercompScales, Temperature and Pressure measuring, Racing Accessories
IPDPluenums, Throttle Bodies and Accessories
JE PistonsPistons, Rings and pins
K&NPanel Filters, Intake Systems
KW SuspensionsCoilovers, Street, Race and Lapping Day options, Including Vintage Air Cooled
MahlePistons, Cylinders, all OEM replacement parts Mahle has available.
MichelinSummer, Winter, Performance & Raing Tires
MotulRacing Brake Fluid
OhlinsCoilovers for Street, Lapping and Racing - Modern Cars and inserts for Vintage Cars.
OptimateBattery Chargers, Tenders, Desulfators
OZ RacingChallenge, Ultralegger, Allegerita, and more. Daily, Track and Racing - Center Lock & 5 Bolt
PagidStreet, Track, and Race Brake Pads
RacepakVantage CL1 GPS Lap timing, Logger and Display Dashes
RadiumFuel System Components, Sumps, Pumps, mounting solutions
RecaroSeating Solutions
Red LineEngine Oils, Transmission & Differential Oils, Greases, Coolant Products, Brake Fluid
REMUSStreet and Race Exhausts, Powerizer Plug in Computers
RennlinePedals, Extinguisher Mounts, Roll Bars, Harness Mounts, Tow Hook, etc
Rho PlateLicence Plate Relocation Solutions
SONAXWheel Cleaners, Leather and Alcantara Care, Ceramic & Nano coatings for paint and wheels.
SPARCOSeats, Seat Brackets, Harnesses, Fire Systems, Steering wheels & Hubs, Race Suits, Gloves & Shoes
Sprint BoosterSprint Booster - Throttle Enhancement
Stand 21HANS devices, Racing Suits and safety accessories
StoptechOE Replacement, Performance and Racing Rotors, Pads, Brake Lines, Big Brake Kits
Tarett EngineeringEnd Links, Control Arms, Suspension Accessories
TubistylePerformance and Racing Exhaust
VossenForged Wheels, 5 bolt & Center Lock
WavetracLimited Slip Differentials
WossnerPistons, Rods,
Xona TurboTurbo Upgrades, Race Turbos
YokohamaStreet, Track & Winter Tires
3MProtective Film, Colour Wrap, Tint, Wheels Weights