Start Building your own Intercoolers!

There are thousands of intercooler options with very popular vehicle applications like the Subaru STI or the Golf GTI but when it comes to custom builds or vehicle models that have less aftermarket support intercoolers become hard to source. For those building twin turbo LS builds or enthusiasts boosting an old W124 Mercedes C-Class custom intercoolers are a key part of the build envelope and Vibrant has custom fabrication solutions to aid in these types of builds.

The new vibrant performance intercooler in-tanks are the solution for fabricators looking to save time when building a custom intercooler. typically in order to build an intercooler, fabricators would rely on sourcing sheet metal, cutting the pattern out, deburring the edges and bending it into shape. Vibrant end tanks are ready to weld right out of the box and have unique stencil-like finger and slot alignment tabs to make for easy assembly and tack welding. Each of the end tanks are manufactured from 1 8 inch thick 5052 aluminum sheets and come without inlet-outlet ports for versatility to give multiple possibilities for different inlet-outlet orientations such as side exit or back door style intercooler assemblies. They are unassembled and require welding and feature a brushed finish. These end tank fabricator kits are sized for Vibrant performance horizontal and vertical flow intercooler cores. Vibrant’s design minimizes end tank volume which in turn helps reduce turbo lag and keeps charge air velocity high.

Vibrant HD clamps pair perfectly for with the end tanks allowing for modular fit and flexible connectors ideal for turbo intake charge piping. This simplifies maintenance and assembly for the charge piping on your custom build and also allows you to run extremely high levels of boost since the burst pressure rating is 800 max psi on these particular HD clamps. The Solid Billet 6061 Aluminum Clamp construction also allows the clamps to be welded up perfectly with Vibrant intake piping as well as the end tanks, and as usual they can be welded right out of the box.

Next time you are working on that 1000hp 2jz swap build remember to check the Vibrant catalogue or download all the Vibrant product offerings on our page and give one of our specialists a call because Vibrant has the solution for all your fabrication needs.