Titanium Now Rules the World of Fabrication!

In the past 5 years or so our crew has seen and interesting upward trend in the automotive aftermarket world, more and more builders are opting for titanium as their material choice. You may have stumbled across some wild builds at SEMA or seen them grace the cover of your favorite automotive magazines; screamer pipes with wild bends and blue tint, exhaust components with beautifully crafted pie-cuts and custom exhausts systems with rainbow piping caused by heat cycling. Titanium is becoming the premium choice for fabricators all around the world. Vibrant Performance is one of the manufacturers leading the way so we wanted to break down their new offerings and demonstrate why their Titanium program is taking over the world of fabrication.

Titanium has long been used in the aerospace and motorsports industries due to its outstanding strength to weight ratio, those characteristics make titanium the ideal raw material choice for professional fabricators looking to build durable and ultra-lightweight high performance, induction and exhaust components. These titanium components can stand up to the rigors of racing and all manner abuse in the automotive world.

Vibrant performance’s titanium offerings are affordable, easily accessible and consist of a full range of options that include titanium mufflers with colored or raw exhaust tip, titanium universal mufflers and resonators, titanium race mufflers, HD clamps and flanges, exhaust piping and pie cuts as well as hardware and welding wire. All vibrant mufflers and resonators are manufactured entirely from cp1 grade titanium and feature a true straight through perforated titanium core to ensure unrestricted exhaust flow each of our mufflers are densely packed with premium high temperature resistant sound absorption packing materials for a desirable low deep exhaust note.

Titanium straight tubing made from cp1 grade titanium with a one millimeter wall thickness and is ready to weld right out of the box. CP1 titanium is also referred to as Titanium Grade 4, this is the strongest of all commercially pure titanium grades. It combines excellent corrosion resistance with good strength and toughness so fabricators can rely on these Vibrant components to ward off rust, handle large amounts of heat cycling and remain durable.

Vibrant titanium loose and tight radius pie cuts made from the same cp1 grade and thickness as their straight tubing and is precision laser cut to avoid any contamination. Loose radius pie cuts come in five piece kits while tight radius pie cuts come in six piece kits. Vibrant also offers Titanium mandrel bends manufactured from 1.2 mm thick cp1 titanium tubing, vibrant titanium bends are approximately 70 percent lighter than equivalent 16 gauge stainless bends while still offering the same overall strength and performance.

Vibrant Titanium v-band flange assemblies are precision cnc machined from cp2 grade titanium flanges which feature a unique male female locking design to allow for a gasket-free seal and to ensure proper alignment inside the clamp. The flanges have become a staple piece for some of our favorite show cars and offer fabricators more reliability with high boost builds.

Titanium two bolt and three bolt exhaust flanges manufactured entirely from cp2 grade titanium, these flanges are a perfect match with Vibrant’s equivalent sized stainless steel two bolt and three bolt exhaust flanges for fabricators wanting to transition seamlessly from stainless steel to titanium.


Titanium HD flange weld ferrules are made of cp2 grade titanium ferrules for our signature hd clamp lineup of flexible connectors and are a perfect match to our equivalent sized aluminum and stainless steel weld ferrules. All vibrant titanium weld ferrules include an o-ring to ensure a leak-free seal titanium slip-joint connector sleeves these pre-slotted connectors facilitate low-profile joints for maximum ground clearance and are an alternative to transition from stainless steel to titanium. Our titanium lineup also features the following titanium components to help provide fabricators with all the necessary tools titanium transitions exhaust sensor, weld bungs, male AN weld bungs, filler rod, weld tab set, exhaust hanger rods and for fabricators looking to dip attempt a first-time project Vibrant offers the Try-tie titanium sampler pack. If fabricators are curious as to what other products Vibrant have in their fabrication program.

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