The Smart Exhaust is the future!

Lots of gadgets are going smart in our time, our vehicles and their components are no different. Xforce released one particular device that will change the way we use aftermarket exhaust systems altogether. The VAREX muffler or VAREX exhaust system is a smart exhaust that adapts to your driving inputs. The Varex smart muffler is a patented* technology that combines both the design of the stock muffler and the performance muffler into one single compact unit. What is special about the VAREX muffler is that the valves are infinitely controllable and can be actuated remotely through unique features.


Setting your Varex™ muffler in ‘Street mode’ enables lower sound levels and maximum discretion, as exhaust gases are directed through a chambered path as would a ‘stock’ muffler. For greater power output and sound level, exhaust gases are directed through the opening path and produce maximum power with a robust sound level (or the ‘sports car’ note) and near-zero resistance. As the angle of the valve is adjustable, it can be adjusted to stop at various points between sports mode and silence mode. This gives you further freedom to set the optimal sound level according to your desired preference. These modes work even better with the addition of the Varex smart box.


Another feature offered by XForce’s Varex lineup is the ‘Smart Box’, this unique little Bluetooth enabled box allows you to operate valves in ‘Manual Mode’. The ‘Smart Box is installed in line with the Varex muffler’s actuator and sends a wireless signal to your Varex fob or the Xforce Varex phone app. The new Smart Box can be connected to the existing key fob controller, and users can operate the Varex muffler. The user can watch the Valve operation progress on the smartphone App whilst operating. The guesswork from the old days is gone and you’ll always know what Valve position it’s at.  We hope you enjoy the brand new experience of the Smart Box Manual Mode. In the past, users with aftermarket valved exhausts were not able to precisely control the valve position, and there was no feedback display of what the current valve position was. Furthermore, there was no memory for any pre-set valve positions.  The need for more user control was a pain point the team at Xforce wanted to address. Since then VAREX has been driving their team to design the most user-friendly device by far, which is the “Manual Mode” of Smart Box.


Xforce did not stop there however, because during their research they noticed the subjective nature of exhaust notes and how each driver perceives the perfect exhaust note differently. When discovering this, Xforce developed the ‘Matrix mode’ which can tune the sound of the exhaust in oder to find the perfect sound level. Xforce can dictate sound by three vehicle parameters; engine RPM, throttle position, and speed. Based on these findings the ‘Matrix Mode’ was created to gauge the ‘band range’ using the smartphone app and allows users to assign a specific exhaust tone to their vehicles and set the ‘Band Snap’ using some help.


The last feature included with the VAREX mufflers and the Smart Box is the ‘Geo Mode’, which inherently is the most usable feature since it allows you to geo-tag locations using the smartphone app and lower or highten the volume of your exhaust. In a densely populated area like to GTA (Greater Toronto Area) this feature comes in handy so you can avoid disturbing neighbours or attracting too much attention in certain areas. The VAREX smart box and smartphone app automatically recognize what areas you’ve outlined and adjust your valved exhaust. This feature goes a long way to showcase the usability and user-centric interface development that Xforce puts into its products. Along with this Xforce produces complete systems for popular makes and models making them a disruptor in the aftermarket exhaust world.


If you have any questions about these or any other products from Xforce contact JRP. JRP is your Xforce Canadian distributor and your source for Xforce exhaust systems.