New Xclutch options for the FK8



We are seeing more and more Honda Civic Type-R FK8’s dominate in motorsports. All of them making huge power gains over the K20C1’s modest 300hp powerplant from factory. Many drivers struggled early on to put the power down however Xclutch has resolved this issue.

XClutch, has recently launched a new range of performance clutch kits to suit the Honda Civic Type-R, FK8. These new kits have been designed specifically to provide improved throttle response and increased torque capacity. Each of the kits utilize an alloy cover which reduces the mass of the clutch and flywheel package. Combine this with a flywheel made from 4140 chromoly, and the clutch kits offer improved throttle response due to the weight saving whilst retaining enough mass for ease of driveability on the street.

Several kits are available for the vehicle depending on the performance goals and application of the vehicle. Xclutch has developed a wide range of kits for the FK8 Civic Type-R including; a 9.5 single disc kit in organic, ceramic and carbon, as well as a 9″, twin disc kit in organic, ceramic and carbon. These kits have been designed as a solution for various vehicle usages as well as the horsepower and torque goals.

The single disc kits are expected to be the highest selling option with the road going organic kit designed to handle 440 ft⋅lb of engine torque, making it ideal for those who have made performance upgrades but still need to use the vehicle every day. The ceramic kits are more suited to racing applications where the heat capacity of the ceramic friction material is required. The ceramic disc also takes the torque capacity up to 670 ft⋅lb of engine torque and is designed for those who have made serious modifications to the vehicle and are using it predominantly on the track. The 9” twin disc kits are designed specifically for exceptionally high horsepower vehicles that have major engine modifications. The Xclutch 9” twin disc range was designed with one thing in-mind, to provide a clutch solution for those who are building exceptionally high horsepower vehicles but still require a variety of friction material options for road or track use. The Xclutch twin disc organic kit is still a street clutch, but with two discs now providing the drive, it can handle up to 880 ft⋅lb of engine torque and still be driven on the street every day. Again, the ceramic version of this kit is predominantly for track use but offers a 1340 ft⋅lb torque capacity.

The kit’s lightweight construction along with the major increases in torque capacity make these kits the ideal upgrade for those looking to gain more performance out of their FK8 or for those looking for a tougher clutch to handle the increases in torque. Xclutch also provides everything required with the kit including a pilot bearing, bolts, thrust bearing and alignment tool for ease of fitment.

If you ever need further guidance in sourcing the perfect Xclutch option contact us.