How to find the right Xclutch


Xclutch is a rather new player in North America. The company is winning over the hearts of car enthusiasts with their array of clutch options. Today we’re just going to run through the basics on the different Xclutch options that Xclutch offers for popular vehicle applications. A lot of builds putting power down are installing performance upgrades like bolt-on turbos and so on. Xclutch has multiple different options which they offer depending on what the end goal is for your vehicle.

The first point you want to consider when looking at Xclutch products is the primary use of the vehicle. Do you drive every day? What are your performance goals? Will this build spend most of its life on the track or on the street? All of this becomes important when choosing the right clutch. Once you’ve decided on the purpose of the build choosing the right Xclutch becomes simple.

Xclutch offers a few different friction material options such as organic ceramic and carbon. Understanding what clutch material you need will help you decide on which clutch option would be beneficial to your build. Material has a huge effect on end use and drivers often use organic clutches for daily street use. Ceramic clutches offer some variety and often find their way into track and street driven applications. Carbon on the other hand, is intended for track applications since the material is super lightweight and has a high resistance to heat.

Flywheel options are another important part of finding the right Xclutch for your next build. Xclutch offers some variety flywheel options in order to keep mass down. Flywheel mass affects driveability and engine response, so a street car will opt for the heavier OEM flywheel while a purpose built track car will go for a lighter flywheel in order to keep inertia down.

Xclutch products also come with sprung and rigid clutch discs. If you a driving on public roads then a sprung clutch will offer you comfort and good torque handling capability. Sprung clutches house little springs around the center of the clutch disc. The springs absorb the transfer of torque from the transmission. This means sprung clutches have smoother engagement, reduce wear and tear and are less noisy then their rigid clutch alternative. The rigid clutch, or unsprung clutch option, offers a lighter and stronger clutch disc. This type of clutch offer instant engagement and is recommended for racing applications.

Xclutch’s motorsport range utilises a custom alloy pressure plate that offers exceptional weight reduction whilst also retaining a very high torque capacity. These are the clutches you want to use on your dedicated track car. These kits have been designed predominantly for motorsport applications and are used in various circuit, rally and drag racing vehicles around the world. These upgrades often require specialist components such as performance concentric slave cylinders, braided lines and in some cases, pull to push conversion components. Not to worry though Xclutch includes these accessories in their kits.

Xclutch is unique in that it provides everything required to complete a clutch job or conversion. Xclutch provides all the necessary accessories and components to be fitted to a stock vehicle. This means if you purchase a single plate organic Stage 1 kit then it would include pressure plate, clutch disc, alignment tool and the pilot bearing when required. When you purchase a full motorsport clutch kit then it would include pressure plate, clutch discs, steel alignment tool, flywheel bolts, release bearing, carrier bearing and the conversion components required if switching between push and pull type. This makes a huge difference for enthusiasts and DIY mechanics trying to complete the job.

To give some example of great options to consider for your build we listed the items below;

Road Use below 400HP: Heavy Duty Xclutch or Extra Heavy Duty Single Organic Xclutch

Road use above 400HP: Xclutch 230mm Twin Plate Organic clutch

Regular Track Use below 400HP:  Xclutch Single Plate ceramic clutch

Regular Track Use above 400HP: Xclutch Twin Plate 200 or Xclutch 230mm Ceramic clutch

So be sure to narrow down the focus of your build when looking at picking up an Xclutch. Pick the right material, choose your power goal and look over the different product offerings in the motorsports line up. Xclutch even goes as far as to offer custom built clutches. If you ever need further guidance in sourcing the perfect Xclutch option contact us.