ST Suspension install on a Tesla Model 3

The demand for more performance oriented upgrades for EV vehicles has increased as of late. EV owners are slowly waking up to the fact that their vehicles benefit from better range, comfort and looks with a few added touches. This week we brought in a 2020 Tesla model 3 into the shop. We added some Vossen 20” HF-5 wheels for a more unique and aggressive look. The car definitely looked the part however after upgraded wheels EV’s like the model 3 definitely need a suspension upgrade in order to maintain the comfort level the owner is used to. Bigger wheels mean smaller size wall tire and this in turn equates to a harsh ride. ST suspension recently came out with their XA kit for the model 3 and here are 3 reasons you may want to upgrade to this kit on your Tesla.

ST Suspension is a trusted brand and the sister company to KW suspension the most awarded German suspension manufacturer in DTM racing and Club racing around the world. ST suspension utilizes all of the technology from KW suspension and comes in at a cheaper price point so if you are looking for a quality suspension at a great price and you will not compromise on performance than the ST suspension brand is the go to. The Tesla model 3 kit from ST suspension comes in well under the KW version so be sure to have a look.

Modern battery electric cars with high axle loads benefit from The ST coilover suspension kit offers adjustable damping in compression and rebound, for all Model 3 with rear-wheel drive. The ST shocks and coilover suspension kits are very successful in enhancing the overall comfort level of the car because of state-of-the-art KW shocks with multi-valve damper technology from the German market leader. This technology gets funneled into the ST coilover kit.

A ST Suspension equipped Tesla Model 3 benefits from improved ride comfort and better handling at top speeds. Also a Model 3 with 20” wheels and low-profile tires will benefit greatly from this advanced tech borrowed from KW. The reason why is because ST uses pre-configured high-speed valves for the rebound stages.

The ST coilover can also be lowered from 25 – 55 millimeters. On the rear axle, the car can be lowered between 25 and 50 millimeters. This adds to the look of the vehicle making it low slung and aggressive. This also adds a more balanced feel to the vehicle while in corners, the car feels more planted despite its weight.

These changes make for a very enjoyable ride all the while adding an aggressive look and unique feel to the car. As more upgrades become available for these vehicles we are excited to see what the future holds for the EV market and Teslas.

Part number: 18287006
• Front Lowering: 1.0″ to 1.2″
• Rear Lowering: 1.0″ to 2.0″
• Version: XA
• Damping adjustment: Rebound Damping
• Material: Galvanized Steel
• KW V3 KW 35287006 Coilover Kit = $3500+ ST XA Coilover Kit18287006 priced at around = $2400