The King of Concavity: Vossen EVO-5R

Check out this wheel setup: Vossen EVO-5R, 21×10.5 +22 D concavity in front, 21×11 +20 SD concavity in rear. Gloss platinum transparent color. 2022 BMW M8

This week we had a chance to mount some Forged Vossen EVO-5R wheels on a brand new BMW M8. This marriage of German power and bespoke styling gives the accents on the M8 a more pronounced look. The EVO-5R is a unique wheel with 10 split spokes, lightening pockets and sharply edged lines with a recess on certain spokes. This gives the wheel a lot of depth and when paired with one of Vossen’s custom colors it really compliments any German big body car.

When shopping for a more aggressive wheel fitment customers usually opt for a concave wheel or a floating spoke. Both of these attributes are inherent in the EVO-5R and in many of Vossen’s wheel styles. It’s also why Vossen has become a modern classic in the world of wheels. Vossen is one of the only companies that pushes the boundaries of concavity which in traditionally would mean a weaker wheels, but with Vossen’s choice in material and structural design they remain very strong wheel.

All Vossen Forged wheels are machined using Vossen’s proprietary forging design. In order to provide any vehicle with the most efficient spoke profile, their forgings are engineered with extra material on the face in order to accommodate everything from flat to super deep concave profiles. This proprietary forging design allows Vossen to produce an 8.5” width with maximum concavity equal to that of a 12.5”.

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