Vibrant Performance Gen 3 Catch Can

Tired of excessive blow-by? Help your engine breathe! The new Vibrant Performance Gen3 Catch Can are the superior solution. The new and improved Vibrant Performance Gen 3 Can Program offers the ultimate solution for filtration in a vast range of options. Available in both 2 and 4 port versions to accommodate recirculating style breather systems, or atmosphere vent systems, the new Catch Cans features both single and double mount brackets, meaning volumes of up to 4 Liters, or 1 US Gallon are achievable. Made from Billet 6061 Aluminum and sporting a durable black anodized finish, and feature knurling to assist when unthreading the body from the lid or bottom of the can. The knurling can be positioned at the top or bottom making it easy to unthread in even the tightest spots in your engine bay. Inside the can, Internal removable filter barrels are packed with a Stainless-Steel filtering media, an integrated slosh baffle, and a dipstick to easily check oil levels. With a vast range of options with the Vibrant Performance Gen3 Catch Cans, we have a solution for any application; from lightly modified street vehicles to top performing turbo diesels that experience the highest highest levels of crank case pressure.