The NEW Vibrant Performance Pinless HD Clamps

For decades we have been using fabrication components to solve issues with our race cars. Vibrant Performance has been the brand behind countless builds. Their expansive portfolio of exhaust, intake and fluid system solution has made it possible for us to address issues around tight tolerances and issues with engine swaps or even high levels of boost. For boost however the Vibrant HD clamp is the turn key solution for many high horsepower builds.

The Vibrant Performance HD Clamp has become the industry standard for high boost vehicles with its ability to withstand extreme pressures and race conditions. Over the years, we have witnessed Vibrant’s clamp perform on diesel trucks producing over 7000 foot-pounds of torque and vehicles with 250 psi of intake pressure take home championship wins during competition. We’ve also used them in our personal builds like our SFWD winning Honda EK and our LS swaps. During testing, the welds on charge pipes would separate at 800psi, while the clamp still held. We have been told 7 years’ worth of success stories by customers, as Vibrant’s brand has become synonymous with HD Clamps. Vibrant became the leader in providing strong, durable, leak-free, and race-proven components and the HD clamp was the ideal solution to mating charge pipe systems. It offered the strongest quick release connection while still allowing a degree of flexibility to give the engine movement.

Staying ahead of the industry trends, Vibrant have now found a way to improve the design further, while providing the same features that made the HD clamp the industry standard.

The new design replaces the old quick release pin with an integrated clasp mechanism and safety lock push-button. The safety lock provides an extra level of security to ensure the clamp is never unintentionally opened. The Pinless HD Clamp is now a single unit, eliminating the risk of parts being misplaced or lost. A hinge spring has also been added to keep the clamp in a sprung closed position. This makes installing the clamp easy due to the clamp naturally aligning itself to close onto the union sleeve. In addition, the design is completely backwards compatible with any existing HD system. Our clamp has been designed to provide a positive feedback and audible click to let the user know the clamp is secured and closed.

Product Usage and Installation

  • Operating the newly designed HD Clamp is easy – simply press down the safety lock push-button, press the clasp downward and open the clamp.
  • To close the clamp, simply press the safety lock push-button down and press the clamp closed.
  • Our HD Clamp is perfect for Intercooler Inlets and Outlets, Turbo Compressor Inlets and Outlets, as well as Throttle Bodies.

Vibrant always recommends using HD Clamps on both ends of your tube assembly to absorb any relative motion between hard and soft mounted components. The tube assembly should be isolated and move freely by hand between both connection ends.

Features & Benefits Summary

  • Single unit design: integrated clasp and safety lock
  • CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum
  • Our HD Clamps are available in a variety of sizes to suit any custom charge system
  • Sizes range from 2” to 5”
  • Transition Weld Ferrules are available to either reduce or expand your tube diameter right from the clamp
  • Weld Ferrules are available in 6061 Aluminum, 304 Stainless-Steel or CP2 Titanium
  • To make fabricating with our clamps a breeze, we recommend the use of our HD Alignment Tool
  • Bosch Throttle Body Adapters are now available in 3” and 3.5” sizes (Part #12471 and #12472)
  • Available only in Anodized Black

Never settle for anything less, order your HD clamp today! To learn more about the complete line of Vibrant Performance products contact your JRP representative. JRP stocks then entire Vibrant line-up ensuring Canadian fabricators can keep pushing the build envelope.