The New Vibrant Performance Thermostatic Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapter and Oil Filter Sensor Adapter

The New Vibrant Performance Thermostatic Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapter and Oil Filter Sensor Adapter is a safe bet for any builders looking to mitigate possible overheating issues in their builds.

Many stock engines do not come with a built-in oil cooler, and as a result are susceptible to overheating, especially when racing. To combat this common issue, Vibrant Performance is proud to introduce their all-new Thermostatic Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapter (Sandwich Adapter) and Oil Filter Sensor Adapter (Sensor Adapter). The Sandwich Adapter and Sensor Adapter units provide an easy solution to common issues such as oil degradation from engine overheating in demanding temperature applications. In addition, our industry first mechanical tab-lock design washer prevents the Sandwich Adapter and Sensor Adapter components from vibrating loose.


What’s Cooler Than Being Cool?
The Design Team at Vibrant Performance understands the importance of keeping your engine cool without sacrificing performance. We know that oil temperatures are critical, that’s why a key feature found in this new Sandwich Adapter is an integrated thermostat, which reduces the warm-up period from a cold start. Our integrated thermostat has a cracking temperature of 160℉ (71℃), and a fully open operation temperature of 180℉ (82℃). This key design component has a track tested quality to withstand demanding temperatures and pressures. Upon installation of the Sandwich Adapter (and a properly sized Oil Cooler) users can rest assured that their vehicles oil temperatures will remain in the ideal operating range.

Small Design; Big Impact.
Both the Sandwich Adapter and the Sensor Adapter units offer a compact design while providing imperative cooling to engines that are being pushed to their maximum potential. Overheating oil burns off necessary oil additives and reduces engine oil health. The Sandwich Adapter specifically provides an effective way to adapt an oil cooler to your engine to ensure control over elevated oil temperatures. The Sandwich Adapter includes -10 ORB inlet and outlet ports for full flow oil cooler lines. In addition, -10 ORB to -10AN fittings are included, as well as two 1/8” NPT Ports for temperature or pressure sensors. The Sandwich Adapter has a thermostatic operation with a bypass, which works to decrease the engine warmup period. The Sensor Adapter unit sports three 1/8” NPT Ports for temperature sensors, pressure sensors or auxiliary oil requirements. The Sensor Adapter provides a great solution for spacing the Sandwich Adapter to clear oil filter dishes on top mount settings.

Product Usage and Installation:

• Our Sandwich Adapter and Sensor Adapter units should be installed by an experienced and qualified mechanic as improper installation can result in catastrophic engine damage
• Pair the Sandwich Adapter and Sensor Adapter with Vibrant’s offering of race hoses, adapters and oil coolers to finish the plumbing of your oil cooler system for optimum results
• Check out Vibrant’s YouTube Channel for a detailed, step-by-step installation video and ensure to follow all included instructions.

Features & Benefits Summary:

• Race proven quality that will stand up to demanding temperatures and pressures
• Industry first Tab-lock washer to prevent the Sandwich Adapter or Sensor Adapter from vibrating loose
• Machined from billet 6061 Aluminum with hard anodized black finish
• Features 1/8” NPT ports for auxiliary sensors and gauges
• Products supplied with all necessary port plugs
• Each Sandwich Adapter kit includes five Oil Filter adapter bolts:
• M18 x 1.5 Adapter
• M20 x 1.5 Adapter
• M22 x 1.5 Adapter
• 3/4” – 16 Adapter
• 13/16” – 16 Adapter
• Service parts, tab-lock washers and replacement O-Rings are available and recommended at regular service intervals.

Want to learn more? Check out the Vibrant Performance website for more information. If you want to pick up your Vibrant parts today then be sure to contact your local JRP dealer today!