Vibrant Performance PTFE Hoses and Fittings

Vibrant Performance PTFE Hoses and Fittings

Vibrant Performance’s PTFE Flex Hose and Aluminum High Flow Hose End Fittings are a hassle-free solution used by enthusiasts to address are their plumbing needs. These fittings are designed to be a premium race hose, that combats the harsh automotive fluids available on the market, while providing a professional and clean aesthetic for your engine bay.

Vibrant Performance is proud to introduce our lineup of PTFE Flex Hose and Aluminum High Flow Hose End Fittings. Their lineup follows the AN (Army Navy) Standard, which works to make automotive plumbing systems simple and universal. Vibrant PTFE and Aluminum High Flow Hose Ends are ideal for Fuel, Oil, and Coolant Systems on all applications, from street cars to top performing race cars.

The Stylish Solution

Vibrant’s lineup of PTFE Flex Hose and High Flow Hose End Fittings were designed to the highest standards in order to meet our wide range of customer needs. Vibrant Performance PTFE Hose is available in two external braid options, Black Nylon and Stainless Steel. Black Nylon braid offers abrasion resistance in a lightweight and stealthy package, while their Stainless Steel braid offers higher abrasion and corrosion resistance, with a stand out look. Both options feature a highly durable and flexible PTFE core, that is compatible with harsh fluids and eliminates fuel vapor permeation. Vibrant Performance’s Aluminum High Flow Hose Ends are precision machined from 6061 Aluminum, are hard black anodized and free of branding, which provides a clean and minimalistic appearance. In addition, their Fittings feature an Aluminum Olive that compresses to the PTFE hose for a leak-free solution. These Hoses are Vibrant’s lightest option when it comes to hose.

Product Usage and Compatibility

  • Vibrant PTFE Hose is compatible with Gasoline, Diesel, E85, Methanol, Race Fuel, Oils, Coolant, Transmission Fluid, Clutch Fluid, and Power Steering Fluid
  • Vibrant Aluminum High Flow Hose End Fittings are specifically designed for use with the Vibrant PTFE Flex Hose, and are the only compatible Hose End that Vibrant recommends
  • Assembling Vibrant PTFE Hose with Aluminum High Flow Hose End Fittings is an easy process, using basic hands tools and allows users to create a bespoke product for their build
  • Our PTFE Hoses have an operating temperature of -94°F to 480°F (-70°C to 250°C), and feature incredibly high operating and burst pressure ratings, which provides peace of mind for extreme builds.
  • Vibrant does not recommend using PTFE Hose assemblies for brake or hydraulic applications.

Style and Size Offerings

  • Vibrant PTFE Hose is available with a Stainless Outer Braid or a black Nylon Outer Braid
  • These Styles are available in 5 ft to 150 ft rolls
  • PTFE Hose and High Flow Hose End sizes range from -3AN to -16AN
  • Aluminum High Flow Hose Ends are available in 8 different angles, from straight to 180°
  • For tight clearance applications. Vibrant offers Male ORB 90° Swivel, 90° Tight Radius Forged and Bango Swivel High Flow Hose Ends
  • Additional Aluminum Olive Inserts and Replacement Sockets for High Flow Hose Ends in Black, Blue, Red, and Chrome are also available
  • Vibrant offers an extensive range of adapter fittings to suit almost any plumbing application
  • Visit vibranperformance.com to see Vibrant’s range of tools that make Hose Assembly a breeze!