BMR Suspension: It wont slip on the Street or the Strip

BMR Suspension is a leading manufacturer of high-performance suspension components for American muscle cars. Founded in 1998 by two automotive enthusiasts, BMR Suspension has been providing top-quality suspension parts to the market for over two decades.

BMR Suspension’s product lineup includes a wide range of components, including control arms, sway bars, lowering springs, and chassis braces. Each of their products is engineered to improve the handling and performance of American muscle cars, including the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, and Dodge Challenger.

One of BMR Suspension’s most popular products is their control arms. Their control arms are designed to provide better handling and control by reducing suspension deflection and improving traction. BMR’s control arms are available in black or red color options, and come in multiple configurations to suit street and drag applications.

One product in particular that BMR is well known for is their K-members. BMR Tubular K-Members are designed to provide a lightweight alternative to the heavy and bulky factory K-member. Manufactured from 1-inch, 1-1/4-inch, and 1 ½-inch DOM tubing, BMR’s K-members give you a lightweight, extremely strong K-member. Every BMR K-member is 100-percent bolt-in and requires no modifications for fitment. These K-members allow you to Reduce weight, increase frontend rigidity, and add clearance for large-tube headers and turbo kits so these tubular K-members are integral to drag racers and drifters looking gain an edge over the competition.

Another popular product from BMR Suspension is their sway bars. Their sway bars are designed to reduce body roll and improve stability during high-speed cornering. BMR offers sway bars in various sizes and in the classic red or black color options, allowing drivers to fine-tune their suspension setup for their specific driving needs.

BMR Suspension also offers lowering springs for American muscle cars. Their lowering springs are designed to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity, resulting in improved handling and a more aggressive stance.

In addition to their control arms, sway bars, and lowering springs, BMR Suspension also offers chassis braces and strut tower braces. Chassis braces are designed to improve the rigidity of the vehicle’s chassis, resulting in improved handling and a more precise feel behind the wheel. BMR specializes in manufacturing these braces for Mustangs and other applications suffering from noticable chassis flex.  The Mustang chassis flexes dramatically, even with mild amounts of torque and horsepower. BMR’s Strut Tower Braces are manufactured from a mix 1 5/8-inch DOM steel tubing and laser-cut 3/16-inch steel plate. BMR’s brace design adds loads of strength to the front frame and suspension of Mustangs. These Strut Tower Braces are engineered to considerably strengthen the chassis.

Overall, BMR Suspension is a top choice for anyone looking to improve the handling and performance of their American muscle car. With a wide range of suspension components available, BMR Suspension has everything a driver needs to fine-tune their suspension setup and achieve better lap times on the track.