Vibrant Performance Intercooler End Tanks

The New Vibrant Performance End Tank Assemblies

The new Vibrant Performance Intercooler End Tanks are the solution for fabricators looking to save time when building a custom intercooler. These new End Tanks are the ideal choice for Fabricators that build intercoolers on a per-project basis or in batch work, where intercooler kits are built on a small-scale production with bespoke fabricator branding on it. Helping get the project car off the hoist faster and more efficiently, or help welders complete a consistent product with their own signature weld on it.

Vibrant Performance is proud to introduce the first of its kind: Intercooler End Tanks designed to perfectly fit Vibrant Performance Intercooler Cores. These End Tanks are blank, come unwelded, CNC bent with no bend marks and feature a clean brushed finish on the surface. The unique “finger and slot” alignment tabs allow for easy assembly and tack welding.

Line ‘Em Up, Knock ‘Em Down!

The Design Team at Vibrant Performance is full of fabricators themselves – and they saw a solution that would eliminate some of the tedious processes of building a custom intercooler setup. As a shop owner, building custom End Tanks for Intercoolers is not an easy skill to master and it is also very time consuming. This also applies to the beginner fabricator (or DIY-er) the opportunity to take on a more intricate fabrication project without needing specialized precision equipment, and sourcing Aluminum sheet metal.

This time consuming and tedious process can be eliminated with these new End Tanks. When building a tank (of any sort – catch can, expansion tanks, intercooler, etc.), fabricators first lay tack welds to keep components in place ahead of final welding, to ensure good fit up on the car.

Traditionally, this is done in corners and is often done with filler. The new Vibrant Performance End Tanks have a unique “Finger and Slot” design, which position the pieces perfectly together to prevent any gaps. The design allows for a fusion tack, which keeps the fabricators filler hand free to hold and secure the product. As a result, the tack is indistinguishable after the final pass.

Often, poor fit up can lead to fusion tacks cracking on Aluminum, but with the amount of material in the tabs, this will not be an issue. Once the tacks are in place, with tight fit up and minimal gaps, the valley presents a great landing for a fillet weld. These End Tanks come brushed (all tooling marks are removed) and are ready to weld right out of the box. Welding End Tanks has never been easier!

Size is Everything

Now available in ten different sizes, these Intercooler End Tank are sized up perfectly to match Vibrant’s ten most popular intercooler core sizes. This includes four of the most popular Horizontal flowing Intercooler Cores. The overall size of the tanks was designed to minimize end tank volume. This results in lower pressure loss by keeping charge air velocity high and helps reduce turbo lag and ultimately power loss.

The end tanks were also designed to keep intercooler pipe size in mind, the smallest end tank allows for a maximum ID tube of 3-½” tubing, and the largest end tanks can fit up to 4” Outside Diameter tubing on the face of the tank for inlet/outlet ports.

Blank Canvas

The Vibrant End Tank Assemblies provide multiple possibilities for different orientations of inlet/outlet ports, as they come blank with no cut-outs. Fabricators can cut a hole and weld a tube on the side, for “Side Exit” style intercoolers, or in some instances (typically on larger intercoolers), there is a demand for a “Backdoor” style intercooler. This is often done on race cars when space is a limit in the engine bay.

Features & Benefits Summary

  • End Tanks come pre-formed, unassembled and ready to weld. Great for shops to save time, but also the “DIY’er”
  • Tanks are sized to fit the Vibrant Performance Intercooler Cores
  • Manufactured from 1/8” (3.2mm) thick 5052 Aluminum sheet, precision CNC bent
  • End Tanks are blank (no cut-outs for inlet/outlet), thus providing multiple possibilities for different orientations, such as “Side Exit” or “Backdoor” style Intercoolers
  • “Finger and Slot” alignment tabs make assembly and tack welding very easy and repeatable
  • Each piece is brushed, with no tooling marks and wrapped with protective film to prevent scratching during handling

Refer to www.vibrantperformance.com for other sizing options.

Part Number Size
22831 Horizontal Intercooler End tank, 3.25W x 9.25″L x 3.00″ Thick”
22833 Horizontal Intercooler End tank, 3.50W x 9.85″L x 3.00″ Thick”
22834 Horizontal Intercooler End tank, 4.50W x 11.80″L x 3.00″ Thick”
22835 Horiztonal Intercooler End tank, 3.50W x 11.00″L x 3.00″ Thick”
22837 Horizontal Intercooler End tank, 4.00W x 9.85″L x 3.00″ Thick”
22844 Horizontal Intercooler End tank, 6.00W x 12.00″L x 3.00″ Thick”
22850 Vertical Intercooler End tank, 3.50W x 12.00″L x 3.00″ Thick”
22853 Vertical Intercooler Endtank, 4.50W x 22.00″L x 3.00″ Thick”
22859 Vertical Intercooler Endtank, 3.50″W x 24.00″L x 3.00″ Thick
22866 Vertical Intercooler Endtank, 6.00W x 22.00″L x 3.00″ Thick”