Vibrant Performance: Mufflers

Vibrant Performance is proud to introduce the newest addition to their lineup of Flat Black Mufflers, made from the highest quality construction. Vibrant Mufflers are engineered to withstand high temperatures, resist corrosion, and endure harsh conditions of the exhaust system.

Vibrant’s all-new Flat Black Mufflers with Stainless Steel Tips are constructed using high quality Stainless Steel, which offers excellent durability and resistance to corrosion. This ensures that our Mufflers can withstand the harshest conditions, while providing a long-lasting performance. Vibrant’s Flat Black Muffler features a Slip Fit design and a straight through perforated tube at its core. This tube is wrapped with Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and is tightly packed with a high temperature resisting fiber glass ceramic composite packing material. This straight though design offers minimal restriction, which results in lower back end pressure than in a baffled design, thus increasing the exhaust gas flow and improving performance. In addition, their Mufflers feature an Oval Body design, which creates excellent ground clearance, while providing superior sound suppression. Furthermore, the Flat Black coating provides a barrier between the muffler and the elements, while providing users with a subtle aesthetic upgrade.

Vibrant’s Flat Black Mufflers offer users versatility, strength, style, and function and can be used in any application and build, whether it be a large V8 or a small 4-cylinder application, making this Muffler an multitalented All-Star. With the range of options available in the Vibrant Performance Muffler and Resonator Program, they offer a solution for almost any application. Fabricators will have peace of mind in knowing they have a quality product, that will stand the test of time while providing superior performance in an automotive application.

If you are looking for Vibrant mufflers or any of their exhaust fabrication components fell free to contact us.