Monthly Archives: March 2024

Unleashing the Power of SuperPro Polyurethane Bushings

When it comes to enhancing vehicle performance and handling, every enthusiast knows that even the smallest components can make a significant difference. One such upgrade that often flies under the radar but packs a punch in terms of performance is the installation of Super Pro polyurethane bushings. These small but mighty components offer a plethora […]

The All-New Vibrant Performance Catch Cans 3.0

Vibrant Performance is proud to introduce their completely re-designed Catch Can. Vibrant Performance knows that the Catch Can is the most critical component in the breather system, which is why they have worked hard while re-designing their Catch Can’s to offer the highest level of excellence in oil filtration. Across many racing classes Catch Cans […]

Alcon Performance Brakes are here!

When you are pushing the very limits of grip and power at the track it becomes apparent to any driver that the next best thing to improve is braking. When it comes to upgrading your braking system, Alcon stands out as a trusted name among automotive enthusiasts. Renowned for their precision engineering and exceptional quality, […]