The All-New Vibrant Performance Catch Cans 3.0

Vibrant Performance is proud to introduce their completely re-designed Catch Can. Vibrant Performance knows that the Catch Can is the most critical component in the breather system, which is why they have worked hard while re-designing their Catch Can’s to offer the highest level of excellence in oil filtration.

Across many racing classes Catch Cans with a specific volume have become mandatory, as the Catch Can is the most critical component in the breather system. Catch Cans work to filter and capture incoming oil, leaving only clean air to be vented and recirculated. Optimal oil filtration in a re-circulating Catch Can system is imperative, as it works to prevent oil from misting or spraying into the engine bay, and oil from building up within the intake side of the engine, which can cause operating issues, lower efficiencies, and increased chances of engine pre-ignition and knock.

Build With Confidence

The new Vibrant Performance Catch Can program is completely modular, offering a comprehensive list of lid and reservoir options, making it easy to build a bespoke Catch Can set up for any application. Vibrant’s new Catch Can program offers an out of the box solution for small, medium and large capacity oil Catch Cans, while providing excellent oil filtration. Featuring a clean, sleek and simple aesthetic, their all-new Catch Can’s sport a hard black anodized finish and an incorporated knurl to assist when unthreading the body from the lid. In addition, the updated Catch Cans feature a removable bottom, which allows users to flip the reservoir body and place the knurl on either the top or the bottom side of the Can. Vibrant Catch Can’s feature removable barrels that are packed with a Stainless-Steel filtration media, integrated slosh baffles and a dipstick to make checking the oil level quick and easy. The filtration properties used in the integrated filters make the new Catch Can program incomparable. These filters are suitable for various applications, from lightly modified street vehicles, to top performing turbo diesels that experience high crank case pressures.

Something for Everyone

With a vast range of options available in Vibrant’s new and improved Catch Can program, there is sure to be a solution for almost any application. Their new Catch Cans are available in three reservoir volumes: 0.75L for small Cans, 1.5L for medium Cans, and 2.0L for large Cans. These various size options make it easy to fit a Catch Can into any engine bay. The choice of two and four port lids provides users with the option to recirculate the filtered air or to vent into the atmosphere. The two port Catch Can lids feature an integrated Stainless-Steel vent, which eliminates the need for an external breather filter. In addition, both the two and four port Catch Can lids come with -12 ORB to AN male flare adapters, although the lids can easily support both -8 or -10 systems using any -12 ORB adapter fitting. Vibrant’s Catch Cans feature no internal divider, meaning any port can be used as an inlet or an outlet.

Product Usage and Installation

  • Ensure to follow all installation instructions
  • Ensure to regularly drain the Catch Can to prevent oil particles from overfilling and reentering the car system
  • Catch Can’s can be drained in a variety ways:
  • Unthread the can and pour out its contents
  • Unscrew the drain port at the bottom of the can
  • Use the optional remote drain kit (Part Number 12788)


Features & Benefits

  • Made from 6061 Aluminum
  • Features removeable Filter Barrels that are packed with a Stainless-Steel Filtering Media
  • An integrated slosh baffle is included with every Can
  • 2-Port Catch Can Lid’s feature an integrated Stainless-Steel vent, which eliminates the need for an external breather filter
  • Both the 2 and 4 Port Catch Can Lids come with a -12 ORB to AN Male Flare Adapter
  • In addition, the lid can easily support -8 or -10 systems using any -12 ORB adapter fitting
  • A dipstick is included, ensuring that checking oil levels are quick and easy
  • Replacement filter material available (Part Number 12789)