HKS Co. : From Japan to Canada

hks japan

In the fast-paced world of the automotive industry, companies that stand out are those that consistently push the boundaries of innovation and quality. HKS Co., Ltd. is one such company that has been at the forefront of automotive excellence for decades. Founded in 1973, HKS has become a globally recognized brand known for its high-performance […]

Breaking Boundaries with Speed: The HKS TRB-03 Record-Setting Car

Breaking Boundaries with Speed: The HKS TRB-03 Record-Setting Car In the realm of high-performance automobiles, one name stands out among the crowd: HKS. Renowned for their relentless pursuit of automotive excellence, HKS has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible time and time again. One of their most iconic achievements is the HKS TRB-03, a record-setting […]

Vibrant Performance: Mufflers

Vibrant Performance is proud to introduce the newest addition to their lineup of Flat Black Mufflers, made from the highest quality construction. Vibrant Mufflers are engineered to withstand high temperatures, resist corrosion, and endure harsh conditions of the exhaust system. Vibrant’s all-new Flat Black Mufflers with Stainless Steel Tips are constructed using high quality Stainless […]

Sparco Assetto Gara

The Sparco Assetto Gara is a multispoke whell that draws its origins from OZ Racing’s motorsports lineup. The Assetto Gara is a high pressure cast wheel that delivers performance, affordability and a durable finish. The Assetto Gara is available in 17″, 18″, 19 and even 20″ sizes. The wheel is also offered in numerous finishes […]

Sparco FF1

FF1- Sparco FF one

The Sparco FF1 is a lightweight, technically advanced alloy wheel with a multispoke design derived from OZ Racing wheels such as the Allegerita. The Sparco FF1 is Sparco’s first wheel that uses flow forming technology, this consists in strengthening the barrel using a particular production process, the Sparco FF1 drops its weight to very compelling […]