Garrett Turbochargers are some of the most sought-after turbochargers on the market, and JRP is the largest distributor of these products in Canada. We have established a strong partnership with Garrett, which allows our dealers to offer a wide range of Garrett Turbochargers to their customers at competitive prices. JRP also has a vast inventory of Garrett Turbochargers, from small turbochargers suitable for daily drivers to larger ones that can handle high horsepower race applications.

JRP ‘s commitment to providing high-quality products is reflected in our selection of Garrett Turbochargers. We only source turbochargers from trusted manufacturers and ensures that each product meets the highest quality standards. We offer exceptional after-sale support with all of our turbochargers and warranty or service these products in order to better facilitate our dealers. Our team of experienced professionals share knowledge in diverse areas of racing so contact us today to find the exact turbocharger for your next project.

Looking for a Turbo?

The Garrett® Boost Adviser allows anyone to perform a turbo match quickly and easily by entering a few key parameters. We do the math and sort the turbochargers to only those turbos that most closely meet your needs. It also guides you to the nearest distributors who you can contact to refine your selection. The best part - the Garrett® Boost Adviser is FREE, and compatible with mobile and desktop devices!


G Series Turbos

Introducing performance out of a package you never thought possible, the new Garrett G series turbos. All G Series Turbine housings are made from stainless steel to provide ultimate durability and temperature resistance. The G series turbine wheel features all new aerodynamics to improve flow and boost response. The new turbine wheel flows 15-20% more than GTX and has peak efficiency of 74%. The G series also sports a new one-piece center housing and backplate increase durability and product safety by reducing the number of failure points associated with the turbocharger.

GT Series Turbos

Garrett® GT Series is the name that pioneered turbo technology and boosted drag racing and road racing teams to break hundreds of world records. The GT Series lineup is offered in both journal and ball bearing options, and sizes ranging from GT2052 to GT3582. The cast compressor wheels feature original GT Series aerodynamics and provide maximum durability and longevity. Internally wastegated turbine housing options are available in all GT Series sizes. Turbine kits are offered in open volute and twin scroll, and a variety of A/R and flange configurations. For any performance need, GT Series turbochargers have you covered.

GTX Series Turbos

GTX and GTX Gen II Series turbochargers are an evolution of the GT Series product line. The original architecture of the GT Series turbos remains however many design and performance features have been introduced over time. Ceramic dual ball bearings and forged fullymachined compressor wheels with GTX and GTX Gen II aerodynamics provide a larger horsepower range and maximize boost response. The water cooled center housing keeps housing temperatures to a minimum. The turbine wheel is constructed from Inconel, a super alloy that maintains strength over prolonged exposure to high exhaust gas temperatures. Turbine kits are offered in open volute and twin scroll, and a variety of A/R and flange configurations from T25, T3, T4, T6, and V-band.

GBC Club Line Turbos

 Club Line turbochargers are high performance journal bearing products at a cost effective price range. GBC combines modern, high flowing aerodynamics with a robust journal bearing rotating group to make a powerful and affordable turbocharger.

GTW Series Turbos

GTW Series turbochargers were engineered to provide budget-minded enthusiasts with a high-performing mid frame product that is offered in ball bearing and journal bearing options. GTW combines popular compressor inducer sizes like 58mm | 62mm | 64mm | 67mm with slightly larger (than GTX) turbine wheel sizes.

Fully-machined aluminum compressor wheels with GTX Gen II aero provide optimal horsepower range and boost response for 2.0L – 6.0L engine displacements. A lightweight aluminum backplate comes standard on all GTW turbochargers and reduces overall weight.

The water cooled CHRA keeps housing temperatures to a minimum. The GTW3476 and GTW3884 turbine wheels are constructed from Inconel, a Super Alloy that maintains strength during prolonged exposure to high exhaust gas temperatures. Turbine kits are offered in open volute and twin scroll, and a variety of A/R and flange configurations. The GTW is a cost effective option for enthusiasts looking to turbocharge their vehicles.

Intercooler Cores

Utilizing advanced thermal technology, Garrett intercoolers offer superior fatigue protection for the high boost pressures and temperatures of today’s extreme engines. With over 75 years of charge air cooler experience, Garrett remains ahead of the industry in intercooler design and function making it the number one choice for some of the premier names in the performance car industry – Roush, Saleen, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Ford SVT, GM, and McLaren have all turned to Garrett to cool their hottest models.


Garrett External Wastegates are designed by the engineers that created G-Series and GTX Gen II turbochargers. Available in three sizes: 40mm, 45mm, 50mm and four color combinations: Red, Blue, Black, Silver. This new product line offers enthusiasts and distributors the full circle of boosting solutions for high performance engines. Through Performance Distributors like JRP you can get turbos to create the boost, intercoolers to cool the boost, and external wastegates to control the boost.

New Brand Garrett Turbo

JRP is proud to announce a new partnership with Garrett Motion inc. This strategic relationship will allow Garrett Motion to expand its reach into Canada

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