Xclutch is an Australian based clutch manufacturer with a reputation for producing street and high performance clutch kits. Xclutch offers a massive array of options for clutch. Xclutch produces motorsports clutches and twin disc clutches. Xclutch can also produce custom made clutches through their in-house development process. The Xclutch range of performance upgrade kits are designed predominantly for street use with some kits available for motorsport applications. The kits are designed in-house and normally utilize a single plate organic, ceramic or carbon friction disc along with a upgraded factory style pressure plate.

With in-house design and engineering and over 30 years of experience, XClutch custom clutch kits are used for a wide range of applications including performance street and motorsport applications. JRP is proud to be the largest stocking Canadian distributor of Xclutch products. We carry clutches for all popular applications.

Sprung Organic Clutches

The XClutch sprung organic range has been specifically designed for street vehicles that have minor engine and general performance modifications. These kits offer a sprung organic friction disc that allows for great driveability whilst offering improved clamping force through the use of an performance pressure plate.

Rigid Solid Clutches

With a rigid centre version of the organic disc, this range is ideal for street vehicles and light track use. Commonly used in Ford performance applications such as the EcoBoost S550 Mustang and the Ford Focus RS. These kits are often available with a lightweight alloy pressure plate and performance flywheel. 

Steel Backed Organic Clutches

The steel backed organic range offers a higher burst strength by bonding the organic friction material directly to a steel backing plate. These kits are ideal for high performance vehicles used on the street with occasional track use.


4X4 Heavy Duty Organic Clutches

The stage 1 heavy duty organic clutch kit provides excellent driveability along with an approximate 15-40% increase in clamp force (application specific). These clutch kits are mainly used in street vehicles with larger wheels or performance upgrades as well as vehicles that are regularly used off-road or tow at the limit of their tow capacity.

Motorsports Clutches

The motorsport range utilizes a custom alloy pressure plate that offers exceptional weight reduction whilst also retaining a very high torque capacity. Xclutch motorsport clutches are available in 7.25″, 8″ & 9″ sizes to suit numerous applications. These kits have been designed predominantly for motorsport applications and are used in various circuit, rally and drag racing vehicles around the world. These upgrades often require specialist components such as performance concentric slave cylinders, braided lines and in some cases, pull to push conversion components. In these cases, the components required will be provided in the clutch kit to ensure you have everything needed to successfully install the clutch in your vehicle.