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Top Ten upgrades for your Supra A90/A91

a90 supra a91 supra

So you want to modify your A90/91 Toyota Supra? Some people may balk at the idea of modifying such a new vehicle. But you are one of us! An enthusiast who wants to modify something without affecting the integrity and balance of such a great platform. Luckily the Mk5 Supra has already been shown to […]

IHI VF48 the turbo of choice for your STI

ihi turbo vf48 subaru sti

If you are shopping for a turbo for your Subaru you may have come across the brand IHI Turbo. IHI Turbo is the OEM manufacturer for many automotive manufacturers including Nissan, Subaru, Mercedes and Ferrari. The Company is also a smaller subsidiary of IHI Corp., a large conglomerate involved in heavy industry and manufacturing. IHI’s […]