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Reasons to Switch to Winter Wheels: Save! Save! Save!

The long term savings associated with owning a set of winter wheels far outweigh the costs.

Vehicle owners enjoy the looks of larger wheels, manufacturers have responded to these trends by offering trim packages that include 18″, 19″ and even 20″ diameter wheels from the factory. This aesthetic choice means the CUV or sedan you recently purchased with the 18” wheel option now needs winter wheels. Fortunately, stronger and lighter wheel and tire options are now available in smaller 17” and even 15” sizes. These high quality wheel and tire options for the winter are cheaper and versatile meaning you save on the purchase price but also have more choice in tire sizes available. A great example is the new Subaru Crosstrek, this modern 4 door hatch comes factory with 18” wheels. Many Crosstrek owners now downsize during the winter to 15” wheels and enjoy the added savings, increased braking, handling and the many customizable options.

Quality and reliability is a huge factor for many vehicle owners, when comparing steel wheels against winter alloy wheels the alloy wheels offer much more quality and reliability. Steel wheels often warp and rust over time making them less reliable. Alloy wheels on the other hand are much stronger and do not rust. These wheels are far more reliable in winter weather over time and they are often times lighter than steel wheels. Having lighter winter wheels means better handling and braking even on snowy roads.

In conclusion we hope these benefits will help you make a decision on your new set of winter wheels. There are numerous options and styles available in our assortment of winter wheels however you can contact us with any questions.

Sparco Wheels

Sparco Wheels is a brand partnership between the two largest Italian manufacturers in the automotive industry, Sparco and OZ Racing. Sparco Wheels offer more then brand recognition but a very affordable, high quality wheel assortment than is reminiscent of the timeless inspired designs of OZ Racing. This has made Sparco Wheels one of the most popular upcoming brands in the market.

BBS Design Line

The BBS Design Line wheels are some of the most popular options for winter wheels. The designs are classic, the quality is unsurpassed and these wheels look right at home on any European sedan or luxury SUV. BBS offers affordable low-pressure aluminum cast wheels with exceptional strength and a durable finish.